The Passengers

In a world where we are increasingly being monitored, watched, and recorded, the concept of private spaces, and privacy in general is progressively diminished. The public’s allowance of the all-seeing-eye is undergoing a strange transition, an ever-growing acceptance. 

People-watching is something that the average person participates in on a daily basis. Growing up in Houston, TX, we did not have a subway system that was the dominant form of travel, where sometimes hours of your day was spent going to and fro. When I moved to Boston this transitory place was fascinating. Full of interesting people, sometimes doing interesting things. But mostly it was people in a literal transition, moving across space and time, to get to their destinations, both physically, but also metaphorically. People going to school, work, or maybe a funeral. Possibly to the birth of a child, or a to attend a murder trial. All of which are both physical destinations, but also events that will influence a future that will be determined in time to come.

I do not pretend to know any of the individuals in these photographs, nor do I know their stories. My intention was not to record or reproduce merely their likeness, but rather a look or expression of internal reflection. I was looking for a moment of solitude in a public setting, where perhaps I might catch a pure and honest expression of the inner thoughts as people go about their daily lives.

Gum Oil Prints

Photopolymer-gravure Prints