Epson Printer Primer

March 9 – 11, 2021
Produced by: Santa Fe Workshops
Get a crash-course in Fine-art printing at home with the Epson P800 and P600.

Workshop Description

March 9 – 11, 2021; Tuesday and Thursday; 6:00-8:00 pm (Mountain Time)

Epson’s photographic ink-jet printers set the standard for excellence in the fine-art and professional marketplaces. Santa Fe Workshops and Epson have been educational partners for over 15 years, and as such, have joined together to show hundreds of photographers how best to achieve master-quality prints in our Digital Lab in Santa Fe. With our campus and digital lab temporarily in lockdown due to Covid-19 restrictions, we have built an online program that offers much of the same information and technique as our in-person workshops.

Master printer, experienced teacher, and current SFW team member, Cotton Miller, teaches the fundamentals of Epson’s printing technology and then moves into more advanced components. This goal of this webinar is to begin the process of cultivating your own fine-art printmaking instincts to achieve master-quality prints at home.

Knowing the technology, as well as the terminology allows you to appreciate, and understand all the variables that go into home photo printing. During two, evening sessions of two hours each, Cotton discusses the basic terms, concepts, and considerations surrounding Epson’s P600 and P800 desktop photo printers. There is also a preview of the new Epson P900 printer.

Session One
Cotton starts at the very beginning by covering the basic concepts of a printer’s features and its technology. He then explains a step-by-step printing workflow from start to finish using Adobe Lightroom and an Epson P800 printer. Topics include print resolutions, printer settings, software settings, as well as basic printer maintenance. Towards the end of this evening’s session, Cotton is joined by Dan Steinhardt, Epson’s Marketing Manager and professional printing guru, for a special “Ask Me Anything” session.

Session Two
Cotton dives into more techniques on how to take your print making to the next level. This session covers the principles of color management, paper and ink selections, and the importance of editing for output specific conditions to achieve incredible prints. Cotton gives an overview of an advanced workflow combining Lightroom and Photoshop for absolute control over the printing process. He reviews the primary differences between Epson printer models, makes workspace recommendations, discusses advanced user settings, and then jumps into print finishing considerations. In this session Cotton also previews the just released P900 printer, highlighting the primary updates and improvements to the latest model in Epson’s line of professional photo-quality printers.

If you own an Epson photo printer—no matter how well you think you know it—or are considering buying one, you will benefit from Cotton’s extensive knowledge and expertise in this arena, as well as that of Epson’s Dan Steinhardt.

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